6 Traits Of Students From Affluent Class

6 Traits

Children who belong to an affluent class are basically the part of elite class. They watch their parents worry and care only about being rich. The value and power of money is something they learn about since childhood. This is why when these children grow up; they too, weigh things around them in monetary terms.

These children also never have to struggle with the harshness of life. They get what they want without having to worry about how. Naturally, this implants some dangerous seeds of poor character which grows in them by the passage of time.

This is why, when such students go to school, they prove to be trouble for others.

Here are 6 traits of students from affluent class:

1.      Materialistic

Students who belong to affluent class only care about materials. They are less sympathetic to the pain of peers, the oppressions in the society, the harms caused to the environment and more serious issues in the world such as world hunger. All they care about is getting fancier things and gadgets than their friends. These students often lack empathy.

2.      Snobbishness

Students who belong to affluent family tend to be snobs. This is because they value human beings only according to the monetary power or weight they hold. These students only respect those who are as rich as them and do not let anyone from a lower class enter their social circle.

3.      Arrogance

Snobbishness and arrogance go hand in hand with these students. The reason why they are snobs is because they are arrogant and consider themselves to be better than everyone else. Whether its their teachers or peer, students with an affluent background are aware of their social status and demand the same from everyone else. They consider themselves to be respected not because of their personality but for their money.

4.      Argumentative

Students who belong to affluent background consider themselves better than everyone, even their teachers. Rich parents tend to fulfill even the most unreasonable demands of their children without scolding them. When a teacher scolds these students or points out their mistakes, instead of apologizing they start an argument. This is because they consider themselves flawless and anyone who points a finger at them is actually at fault themselves.

5.      Stubborn

Students who belong to affluent families are usually stubborn. With their parents, they refuse to accept a ‘no’ for an answer. With their teachers, these students refuse to listen to them for example; they refuse to make amends with peers they might have hurt verbally or physically. These students lack compromise and understanding, and hold their ground whether it’s reasonable or unreasonable.

6.      Bully

Students from wealthy backgrounds look down on those who belong to middle class. They consider themselves superior and start bullying those who are less privileged. This bullying may be in terms of name calling, shaming (on the basis of not having enough clothes or money) or even in physical violence. Whatever the means of bullying are, they have serious effects on those struggling from it.

Students who belong to an affluent class give a hard time to their peers, teachers and parents and must be handled carefully.

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