8 reasons for teaching kindness in schools

Making sure that the child not only gets academic learning but also personality grooming in class is essential. Teaching the sense of empathy and kindness in school has results in a positive impact on class room learning and social behavior of a child. The attitude of being kind toward others needs to be incorporated in one’s mind from an early age so that the child can adopt this as a characteristic to his or her personality as an adult.

Here is a list of 8 major reasons telling why it is so important to teach kindness in school.

8 reason

  • Healthy life style

Being kind to someone can benefit one in ways we can’t even imagine. For a child, an act of kindness will lead to a better mental health as it releases the happy hormones leading to a positive mind and better health.

  • Reduces stress

Being kind towards someone can act as an anti-stress not only for the person who is being treated with kindness but also for the one who shows kindness. It creates a sense of belonging and empathy which give one’s mind happiness and peace.

  • Way to happiness

Studies show that experiencing the feeling of being kind to someone releases endorphins which gives us the pleasure of happiness along with trust and hope of being a better and happy person. The joy you receive for being kind towards someone makes you want to experience the feeling again.

  • Increased sense of belonging

The “helpers high” produce the endorphins that give the mind a feeling of belonging with the peers and a craving to be kind in the future as well. Even the slightest good deed magnifies our positive energy and gives a great sense of optimism.

  • Teaches appreciation

When kids work with their fellow peers under a kind and empathetic atmosphere, they learn to appreciate each other without any negativity or jealousy. This gives them a strong sense of gratitude.


  • Academically strong

Students who keep a kind and positive approach towards others are relatively smarter in studies because they have their minds at peace with proper routine which helps them focus more on their studies and perform better in class.

  • Decreased bullying

Schools that focus more on kindness face a much lesser rate of bullying because they put this sense in the child’s mind from a very young age. The children are able to identify the positive and the negative behavior and their consequences on others as well. This subsequently reduces the level of anxiety in young students and helps them to become a better person as an individual and for the society.

  • Improved self-esteem

the act of kindness leaves a great feeling of pride in ones heart, this leads to an improved self esteem of the child from a very young age and the child adopts this trait which becomes he part of its personality as an adult.

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