Benefits of self-directed learning

Self-Directed learning is new innovation in attaining knowledge. There are plentiful advantages of Self Directed Learning for the Student, let’s explore them!

Self Directed learning is an innovation in education. Many parents, who appreciate this approach, say that this technique is a totally new way of looking at learning. There are numerous reasons for this view on Self Directed Learning. Numerous scholars says that this technique promotes the feeling that every learner has a noble function to perform in this world and he/se has a right to follow the direction which leads him to his/her defined target. When the learner is made a king of his/her learning, he/she starts owning it and becomes responsible for it. The primary advantages of this approach include:

Promotion of Satisfaction and Confidence

The individual is made to realize that he/she is ultimately responsible for his/her decisions. However, this does not mean that they are made to control everything about their lives. Contrastingly, they are made to understand about those circumstances of the external world which are not really under their control. Acknowledgement of one’s limitations makes the person realize the extent of freedom he/she can hold for himself/herself.

This approach enables a person to creatively solve his/her issues and create his/her own ways. The person learns through his/her mistakes, becomes a better decision maker and makes more constructive choices in everyday life.


Decreases Suffering and Disappointments from Ordinary Learning Methods

This method prevents students from becoming lazy in matter of their studies. The students, who follow the Self Directed Learning format, make sure that their pattern for learning is in line with their aptitude. Hence, it becomes a win-win situation for such students.

People believe that the usual norm of schools, where competition prevails aggressively, makes students feel incapable if they fail to earn the high grades in their studies. This shatters their self confidence entirely. For many students, this feeling of inferiority stays with them for their whole lives. They never consider themselves intellectually superior anymore.

The supporters of Self Directed Learning argue that how can a person realize his/her true potential, if he/she is just made a dummy who has to run a rat race amongst his/her peers? They, further, argue that intellectual superiority is only attained when the student only focuses on improving and challenging his own self, rather than comparing himself/herself with others.

Explores Innovative Ideas and Interests

The typical schedule of an average school is very rigid and inflexible. It has fixed number and content for each subject being taught. Thus, it offers no room for innovation. Furthermore, it provides no customization for the student. A student should be given the freedom to go deeper into the curriculum than defined. If this is done, only then the student would be able to come out with something creative and innovative for the world to see.

Self Directed Learning allows the individual to find the method and manner which suits his/her personality and aptitude in the best possible manner. When a person gains such self direction, then he/she becomes a satisfied human being who can responsibly help the people around him and become a good citizen as well.

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