In a school, all types of teachers work. Some of them very often bring the element of racism in the classroom which adversely effects the class atmosphere.
Some teachers have misconceptions against a certain religion which they have gained from watching how media portrays that religion. An example is widespread hatred against Islam. In New York a teacher was held questionable before the mob who investigated her on her inhuman act of ripping off the hijab of one of her students. Teachers are reported to show a generally prejudiced behavior towards Muslim students. No matter how unintentional it might be, it is extremely hurtful and damaging. Students are left with life-long painful experiences. A teacher”s comment remains with student forever.

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Teachers expect different class performance from different students based on where they belong from and what their class is. If they have an Asian child in class they will prejudge him to be good at Math. They pre conceive what a student is capable of doing and what not by their races. They do not realize that it is a teacher who can bring out the best in any student and make him capable of doing what he cannot.


Surveys have reported that on an average black students are punished and suspended more often than white students in schools. The teachers intentionally mispronounce their names to mock them in front of the entire class. Moreover, their tones are ruder when scolding black students as compare to scolding white students. They automatically perceive that black students are very misbehaved and disrespectful of others and hence treat them likewise. This attitude of the teachers is mostly subconscious as studies show. This shows how much powerful impact media has on people. For black students studying at Duke is a nightmare, they say they are treated very unjustly by teachers especially in form of unfair grading no matter how hard they study. Some teachers even spit on them and call them with ugly names and n-word.

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A study shed light on the fact that teachers take very less time in entitling a student as “misbehaved” on the basis of their backgrounds. Also, it is very difficult almost impossible to change their views as they are very rigid with their point of views that comparatively less wealthy children are more mature and disciplined where students having rich backgrounds are head strong and stubborn and sometimes this opinion is vice versa. They spread prejudice by discussing about their “bad characters” in the staffroom with other teachers.


Often teachers are found to show prejudiced behavior towards foreign students. Such students have to battle everyday against their unbearably rude and disgraceful comments intended to let them down. Furthermore, these teachers ask more difficult questions to them than to a native one. This is    also, they make them sit in the very last in the class.

Racism is most of times inherent and not purposive, hence, it can be fought and put to an end. Teachers should avoid assumptions and should embrace differences of all kinds.

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