The privacy policy of our service ensures the safety of the client’s information and trust

We take strict measures to protect the private details of our clients at, which is the reason for establishing our repute among the students worldwide. According to the UK Data Protection Act of 1998, it is the responsibility of a company to protect the personal and credit card information collected from the customer till the very end, and our company abides by the Act. The policy of confidentiality constitutes the following factors:

  • Information provided by the clients

The customer is required to give certain personal details at the time of placing an order. These details consist of the name, contact number as well as an active email address of the client. The client may also be required to provide the same at the time of interacting with the customer care staff and also at the time of signing up for the newsletter. The client can keep the detail private by using an alias. For other necessary details, the client must ensure to provide correct information to have a smooth and prompt experience with the company.

  • The use of information collected from the clients

The details collected from the client have the sole reason of getting the order processed smoothly. The same details are also used to reply and clarify the worries and concerns of the client. Further discount deals, packages as well as sales are also notified using the same. The client has the choice to opt out of receiving the newsletter or emails from the company, by clicking on the Unsubscribe tag at the end of every email.

  • Storage of cache and cookies

Certain details such as the hits on each page, bounce rate of the website are recorded individually by the website for the purpose of keeping the traffic on the website under control. The details collected by the company consists of the cache, cookies, IP address of the computer accessing the website, country of access, time of accessing, version of the browser or its name, language used, etc. Upon disabling these settings on the browser, the website will restrict the user from making use of certain website’s functions.

Future alteration or modification of the section

Assignment Bay reserves the right to change or modify the section at any occasion if the company deems necessary. To keep up with the changes, all the customers are suggested to review this section regularly before placing an order in the future. In case of any query, contact the support at or at the landline on the numbers that are provided on the website.