Problems Students Face during University Life and their Solutions

The common problems faced by the university students are described in this article and some solutions are also given to tackle these issues.

The time students spend in university is a delightful experience for them, but they also face numerous problems in university while completing their education. The situation of every student is different from other, but some common challenges and issues are seen that almost every student face during university life.


The seven most significant and common problems that students face during their university life, are described here:

Management of Time:

The first and main issue is time management. The students at the university require more attention and efforts to complete the study and attain knowledge. Students can take 15 credits semester, 18 credits semester and 21 credits semester.

The time management is essential for the students; they should know their limitations and select the semester according to your abilities and time. If you are not capable of handling 18 credits in one semester then it is good to take only 15 credits. In this way, you can reduce the stress of completing a lot of credits.

Tuition Cost and Financial Issue:

The alarming rise in the tuition cost is another great problem university students face. Because of high tuition cost, a significant number of students have to reconsider continuation of studies. The primary reason behind dropping off of students from the University is a financial issue.

The solution to this issue is to get the student loan; these are readily available. However, a significant number of students do not know the way how it works, and it increases their stress.

Don””t have Proper Rest:

The students have to complete a lot of tasks on a daily basis and in this way, they do not have much time for proper rest. To afford the tuition fees, they have to do a job along with their studies. All this multitasking takes up their time of sleep as well and it impacts badly on their physical and mental health. The students should decide what is most important for them and select the one recreational activity, to take some time for proper sleep.

Problem 1

Stress and Depression:

The most common problem among the university students is stress and depression. They face various challenges in university and have to do a lot of hard work. In completing all these tasks, their stress level increases. With the professional assistance, they can reduce the stress level.

Problem 2

Staying Away from Home:

The one problem that is common among university students from other cities or countries, is staying away from home. Spending time away from their home and in isolation from their family is very stressing for them and they feel homesick.

Making New Friends:

The students face difficulty in making new friends;  the new individuals with different thoughts are here, and it””s difficult to find the best ones to make friendship with them.

Physical and Mental Health Issues:

The students during their university life have to face a lot of stress, hard work and lack of sleep issues.  As a result, they are more likely to have various mental and physical health issues. They should plan and manage their time in such a way that they manage to take care of their mental physical well-being as well.

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