Three Biggest Difficulties Faced by Students in Medical School

To become a successful Doctor, ‘’’ a medical student goes through many difficulties and challenges. They have to study day and night to achieve their daily targets and assignments. Medical school

The Three Biggest Difficulties faced by students in medical school are:

  1. Workload and Time Management

The most challenging part of being a medical student is to manage time and achieve a balanced lifestyle. A single day cannot be left without studying. Especially in the first two year of medical school the students have to study human anatomy, physiology, pharmacology and biochemistry etc.

They have to prepare for group tutorials and assignment which they have to submit by the end of every week. In short there is too much learning matter and less time to finish.

A medical student has to compromise daily activities, diet and exercise in order to fulfil their daily tasks.

These difficulties can be overcome by doing combine study in small groups and sharing the workload. This can make studying much easier and less time consuming.

  1. Memorizing

Being a fresher it is also very difficult to understand and memorize medical terminologies. There is whole dictionary of medical words which need to be memorised by a medical student before they step into practical life. Sometimes, a lecture of 100 pages is expected to get memorized by a medical student in a single day. Medical shcool 1

The best way to overcome this challenge is to study each page and prepare your own flashcards. Highlight important headings and then write down the matter in points under each heading.

There are several online tools and mobile applications which are now used by medical students. They are helpful tools which assist students in preparing their notes and flashcards.

  1. Beginning a Clinical Exposure

Third biggest challenge faced by medical student is when they start getting their clinical exposure. Wearing a white coat means a heavy load of responsibility and expectation from patients and their families.

This clinical exposure starts in the third year of medical school when student sits with senior doctor take patient history and do clinical examination.

Working as a medical student is difficult as you have to manage studies and practical experience together. Students often have to face taunting and bullying from their seniors about their communication and professionalism.

They have to show professionalism in front of the patients in order to gain their confidence and prepare their good history and examination.

These challenges can be overcome by having good rapport with senior medical students and practising doctors who can assist you in learning a better clinical exposure.

Third year of medical school Studies can be made interesting by studying a disease topic in a group and then go to clinic to examine the patient with similar disease conditions.

Medical shcool 2

Doctor is the noblest profession in the world and achieving this position is challenging. A medical student goes through several difficulties but on their day of graduation they realise the nobility of this profession and take oath to serve the humanity in best possible way.

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