What technical skills academic institutions should teach the student to help them in future?

A few decades ago, education was a game of textbooks, school lectures, pens, pencils, blackboards and simple calculators. But the technology has evolved the education from school to university level the iPods, gadgets, smart phones and mobile apps that are available to every student easily. The world is becoming a global community connected with wired and wireless networks, bridging the gaps between people. The educationists must incorporate technology and technical skills into institutions to help students face the challenges of the technological world.

How Technology Assist Students in Education and Practice World?

There is no denying that a student of the 21st century cannot survive without the use of gadgets and modern technology.  Utilizing technology in education is a crucial need of 21st century, students need to be able to demonstrate the technical skills all around throughout their careers. They need to not only become tech savvy individuals at their jobs, but they need technological skills for becoming coaches, mentors, and educationists.

The days of manual writing and record keeping are long gone, the managers and professionals have to utilize some software these days to streamline their work. The technology provides many benefits at the workplace and helps employees to simplify their daily tasks. Educationists must incorporate technology into education for preparing the young graduates to face the challenges of modern world.

Technology is a skill that sets the students apart from the rest. Employers are constantly looking for tech savvy and brilliant students who can use technology for the profits and better productivity. It is a handy skill when you first apply for a job after graduation.

To become a valuable asset for the university, the use of technology is inevitable for a student. They can use technology to enhance their learning and bring values to the teaching methods. The job market is tough for the graduates without technical skills. Those who enter the workforce without technical skills find it difficult to perform their duties well; promotion and increment at the job also depend on the comprehensive use of technology. Technology is a highly professional skill to emerge successful in the job market.

The highly technical skills are required in the current education as well. Unfortunately, this area has been neglected. The use of technology in the classroom is important for the educators and students. Universities and colleges are stepping up their game to meet this challenge of the 21st century by offering career-focused coursework and incorporating the technology into the learning environment. Many changes are still required to be made to the classrooms; for example, the massive use of iPad among young students can benefit them even more in the classroom. From K-12 and beyond, the education programs based on technology enhanced learning can help to produce better educators. If the teachers are not familiar with the technology, how can they teach the already tech savvy student community around the world? The teachers should also search for Podcast to help them prepare for their future lectures; they can get help from online videos and social networks online to boost the teaching standards.

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